Hi, I'm Alex Schmidt.

I'm a writer and comedian and Internet thing-maker in Los Angeles.

I believe in using the time of total strangers as well as possible.

In 2018 I became a 4-Time Jeopardy! Champion. If that's where you found out about me, hello!

I’m the host of Earwolf’s The Cracked Podcast. Tens of millions of people watched my Cracked.com sketch comedy and YouTube shows. Some of those won Webby Awards. I also contribute to The New Yorker, and wrote comedy for The Onion, BBC America, Funny Or Die, CollegeHumor, The American Bystander and lots more places. Here are some highlights.

Right now I'm focused on large writing & podcasting projects. E-mail me to see my prize-winning TV comedy scripts. This calendar has my dates for stand-up, live podcasts, and other comedy shows. I've performed in nine U.S. states and three countries. I'm also a creative consultant on Joel Samataro & Cole Bruns's fantastic stand-up show Game Over Comedy.

"Hey Alex, what are additional fun things about you?”

I’ve written digital jokes for television, made the #1 Kurt Vonnegut podcast, rehearsed scenes with Malcolm McDowell, and created the only fun e-mail newsletter in Internet history.

"Hey Alex, I need your headshot, for a comedy show poster or something.”

Sure, here it is.

“Hey Alex, I need to get in touch with you.”

E-mail me at aschmidt47 [at] gmail [dot] com.

“Hey Alex, I wanna see a funny thing right this second.”

Cool, man. Here's my favorite joke about dinosaurs.